The process of removing a tree from your property is never as simple as it may seem. You'll have to apply for a permit to ensure that you follow all regulations within your neighbourhood, and you should absolutely never do the job yourself. There are numerous factors that go into why you may want to have the tree removed. Here are few of the most common as well as more details regarding the process itself.

Why is Tree Removal Important?

Trees are important to our environment and they offer a beautiful landscape to most homes when regularly maintained; however, sometimes it is vital to remove a tree if it is posing any safety risks, dying or if you're looking to make space for an additional room or building for your home. Some trees also may have threatening insects, like wood-boring beetles, which eat your wood, causing it to slowly die. Also, they can spread to neighbouring wood, like a home garden, your house, or even your neighbour's home.

If your tree has been planted in the wrong place, this is cause for a tree removal. However, you may also have the option of replanting the tree in a new location if it is healthy and won't be a threat to fall on your or your neighbour's property.

Permission is Required to Remove Trees

Permission is often required from your local council to remove any tree. Although it may be your property, there are instances where trees are protected and cannot be removed. You should contact your local council and request that you be able to file for a permit to have the tree removed. If the tree is a threat, dying or rotting due to wood-boring insects, you'll want to make this known as you'll likely be approved for the removal. If it's simply a landscaping issue or if you want to add-on to your home and the tree is preventing you from doing this, the council has the right to deny your request.

Do Not Remove the Tree Yourself

Tree removal is a job that should be handled by professionals because it can be very dangerous at times, particularly when dealing with larger trees. Keep in mind that a dying or rotting tree has the potential to fall in numerous directions because it is essentially unstable at its core. This could result in damage to your property or your neighbour's and even personal injury. Your safety should always be your number one concern. Both an arborist and a tree lopper are capable of handling a tree removal.

Contact a business like Treesafe Environmental Services if you have specific questions about tree trimming and removal services.