The term tree lopping refers to the process of pruning various parts of your trees. This pruning may be done for various reasons. The first would be for reshaping your trees when landscaping your yard. This is primarily for aesthetics and does not enhance the life of the tree. This type of lopping may also be used to train the tree to grown in a certain direction so as to give it a unique shape and form. The second reason for tree lopping is if you have a diseased tree. This could range from simply trimming away some leaves and branches to extreme lopping that involves shortening the trunk of the tree. Here are some signs that your tree is diseased and may need tree lopping to stay healthy.

Leaves that are faded

Granted, leaves will typically change colour depending on the season as well as the species of the tree. However, if your tree has green leaves all year round and they begin to fade into brown or yellow, chances are they are infected with a disease. Tree lopping will eliminate the diseased leaves to reduce the risk of the disease spreading.

Trunks and limbs that are cracked

Another sure sign that your tree in unhealthy is cracks appearing in its limbs and its trunk. If your location has not experienced any extreme weather that would warrant these cracks, then it would indicate that your tree is ailing and will require professional tree lopping services to inhibit further cracking.

Leaves that are wilted

Leaves that are wilted will typically look smaller due to dehydration. This dehydration is caused when the tee is trying to conserve energy. If you are watering your tree as need be, it could be getting dehydrated due to battling an illness. You should also inspect these wilted leaves for any pustules or spots that could be a sign that the tree is under some stress. Enlisting the services of tree loppers will ensure the damaged leaves are eliminated and the cause for the dehydration established.

Mushrooms on the tree

Mushrooms may be great in your garden, but they are hazardous to trees. It should be noted that mushrooms are fungi. As such, as they start to grow on your tree, they begin to break down the tree to receive nutrients from it. If you notice the onset of mushrooms, it is best to have your trees examined and the mushrooms eliminated before they can wreak further damage.