If you have trees on your property that are too close to your house or other structures on your property, they could possibly do damage to both buildings and people. The first solution would be to cut them down, but there could be plenty of reasons to why you don't want to do that. Maybe the tree provides important shade to parts of your garden, or maybe you just think it looks aesthetically pleasing. One thing you could do to avoid cutting the whole tree down is to lop them. You can perform lopping on your own, but there are some things you need to consider in order to so.

Use a helper

The most important thing when performing any type of tree cutting on your own is safety. Even in the case of tree lopping, this essentially amounts to cutting down selected branches or the entire stem to then let the tree re-grow, it's important you take all necessary precautions to not get injured. The first thing you should consider is to get someone to help you with the lopping. Depending on how large the branches that need to be cut down are, you want someone on the ground to make sure they don't damage anything around the tree. If it's a really large branch, or a piece of the trunk that you need to cut down, you could attach a rope around it and hang it over a supporting branch while your helper is holding the other end of the rope. Then the branch can be hoisted down to the grown in a controlled manner that reduces the risk of anyone or anything being harmed by it.

Safety gear

Appropriate gear is also of importance when lopping a tree. The most vital piece of equipment is the chainsaw. The model is not integral for you to do a satisfying job. It's more important that you are accustomed to working with the chainsaw you are using, as you will be working in a tree with a limited amount of space to work on. It's also important that you use protection for your legs. Knee high safety boots or some sort of reinforced trousers are suggested to use. This is vital as you might hit a knot or a twig when cutting through the branch, and this might cause the chainsaw to slip and hit you in the leg. It's also advised that you use safety goggles, to avoid splinters and dust getting into your eyes.  

If you are worried about your safety while lopping a tree, you can always call professionals, like those at Ashmere Tree Solutions, who should have the experience and appropriate tools and safety gear to ensure a safe and professional tree lopping.