Even though felling a tree in your yard may appear to be a big job, it is actually easy when compared with removing the stump that is left behind. Stump removal is a project that requires much more preparation and planning, and that is why it is not often part of the tree removal cost. That might explain why many homeowners have old stumps sitting in their gardens. Stump removal is not an easy job; however, it can be done. When you pick the correct methods, you'll increase the odds of completing the job efficiently. Here are a number of practical options available for DIY stump removal projects.

Manual removal

When you've opted to remove a tree stump manually, you should start by digging a ditch around the stump to expose as many roots as you possibly can. Avoid digging the ditch very close to the stump. The broader the ditch, the more space you'll create to use handheld tools such as a chainsaw, a shovel, an axe, a pick mattock, a digging bar, and so on. Cut sections of the stump and its roots until you have completely removed the stump. This method is most suitable when used on trees that have shallow roots.

Chemical removal                             

Numerous chemical products can be purchased from home garden stores to assist in hastening the decomposing of a tree stump. Most of these products have a high nitrogen concentration, which helps to accelerate the decay process. Once the chemical has been added and it has taken effect, the stump will become soft, and can be easily removed using an axe. When using chemical products, remember to keep small children and pets far away from the stump, as the chemicals are usually toxic in nature. To help lighten the workload, it is best to apply chemical stump killers to freshly-cut trees. Otherwise, the stumps will have to be drilled before the chemical is applied.

Mechanical removal

A stump grinder is usually used to masticate stumps below ground level. Before you can begin running this machine, you should do away with any rocks and debris present near the stump to avoid damaging the cutting blades. Work the grinder from side to side, removing segments of the stump every time you pass the grinder. Using a stump grinder is best when you have a large number of tree stumps to remove. The machine can be rented from a home center or garden supply store. If your stump is too big, you may be compelled to hire a stump removal professional, as rented tree stump grinders may not be powerful enough for use in large projects.  

For more information about these and other methods of stump removal, contact a local tree service.