In most cases, when a tree is felled, the stump always remains in its place under the ground. This is especially so when DIY (do it yourself) removals are carried out because one may not have the necessary tools to remove the tree stump as well. However, with the help of a professional tree removalist, tree stumps can be removed via digging, pulling, chemical application and stump grinding. If you're not sure if you want that tree stump gone, this article will show you exactly why you must seek a stump removal service.

Create space

A tree stump inhibits your outdoor space and forces you to work around it. This is inconveniencing, considering the stump is not adding any value to your home. By removing it therefore, you get to free up the space. This allows you to better undertake outdoor developments such as gardening, farming, construction, decking, etc.

Avoid root damage to house or adjacent structures

As long as a tree stump is still intact, the roots under it are intact as well. As you may well know, tree stumps can cause great damage to adjacent structures such as your house, your garage, paved floors or outdoor structures such as sheds or patios. Tree stump removal deals a final blow to the tree roots, thus averting such damage from occurring.

To avoid tree re-growth

Even after a tree has been cut or has fallen, as long as the stump is still in place, germination may start to re-occur from the stump. This means that simply having the tree cut or felled does not put an end to the tree's growth. The only sure way to eliminate the tree for good is to have the stump removed as well.


Another good reason why you should have the tree stump removed is for aesthetic purposes. Tree stumps can be unsightly. If you have a paved outdoor area or a garden that is covered with grass, the tree stump will ruin the overall look of your compound. Once removed, however, you can then backfill the spot, level it and plant grass or have it paved.

For safety reasons

You should also have the tree stumps removed for safety purposes. Tree stumps are a safety hazard in your home. One can easily get injured by them while walking, running or cycling about, especially for young children.

Talk to a tree stump removalist and find out which is the best way to have your stump removed.