When pruning or lopping trees, it is vital that you do so in a manner which is safe for you and which helps to effectively improve the condition of the tree. Incorrect tree lopping can put your safety at risk and could damage the tree. Below are some top tips to ensure you trim your tree properly.

Know when to prune 

If you trim your tree during its growing season, you could seriously affect the overall health of the tree. This is because the branches help the tree to absorb sufficient sunlight. Trimming the tree during its growing season reduces the tree's ability to absorb sunlight and can result in stunted growth. You should generally prune a tree in the autumn or winter months, as this will allow the tree to grow during the warmer times of the year. Lopping in the colder months will also reduce the chance the freshly trimmed tree will be attacked by pests, which will be dormant.

Use the right tools and wear the right gear

When carrying out tree lopping, it is important that you use the right tools and wear appropriate clothing. You should wear heavy duty gloves and eye protection. If you are working with particularly heavy branches, you should also invest in a hard hat. To avoid having to work at height, consider using a rope saw, which will allow you to cut high branches from the safety of the ground. A pole pruner is also useful, as it will allow you to reach high into the canopy from ground level. If you do have to climb a ladder to reach higher branches, you should ensure you have a partner who can hold it steady.

Remove as little as possible

Because branches play such a key role in the overall health of your tree, it is best to remove as little as possible during trimming. If a branch is dead or is suffering from decay, you should only trim the affected part, leaving the healthy parts of the branch intact. If you notice that the branch continues to decay, you can always return and cut a little more off. This will help to maximise the growth and health of your tree.

If you would like more information about tree lopping or if you do not feel confident carrying out the work yourself, you should contact a professional tree service company who will be able to offer advice and carry out any necessary work.