Removing tree stumps from your residential space will restore the aesthetics of your outdoor landscape. Also, you should note that old tree remnants can cause tripping hazards or even promote the growth of dangerous mould or fungi. In ideal circumstances, you should hire a tree serviceperson to handle the stump removal project. However, if you are handy, you can rent a stump grinder and remove the wood remnant with considerable ease. Here are some tips to help you ensure safety and success during the tree lopping process.

Acquire Personal Safety Gear

Stump grinders are dangerous machines which must be handled with care. If you are not cautious, you could cause self-injury during the project. Therefore, you should acquire personal protective equipment before your project. The gear will protect you from projectiles and the machine during the stump removal task. You should have safety goggles to protect your eyes from debris. Sturdy boots are also valuable for protecting your feet from the grinder. Additionally, you should wear work gloves and cover your arms and legs with long clothes or coveralls. 

Shorten the Tree Stump

When trees are removed, the main trunk is not cut down completely. Therefore, the remaining stump might be considerably tall, limiting your ability to use the grinder properly. For the best results, you should shorten the stump. A ground-level remnant will be easier to grind away quickly. You can use a chainsaw to cut down the trunk as low as possible. However, you should not attempt to cut to the ground because you could cause yourself an injury.

Use the Grinder

After shortening the stump, you can begin grinding. But first, clear all stones and landscaping elements from the surrounding space. If the grinder blades come in contact with the items, the projectile could injure you, or the equipment will be damaged. When you are ready, you should follow the instructions provided with the grinder on using the machine. Ideally, you should place the equipment over the tree remnant and begin to drive the cutter repeatedly from side to side. Once you cut one section, you should move the wheels and reposition the cutter over the next part. When you finish, you should remove the wood chips. If necessary, repeat the process until the stump is sufficiently below ground. Finally, you should cover the hole and make it blend with the landscape. 

Tree stump grinders are considerably easy-to-use machines, but they can cause serious injury. Therefore, if you have no experience with the equipment, you should hire a contractor for assistance.