Are you planning to hire tree service professionals to do some tree lopping on your property? Read on and discover some of the things you should attend to before those professionals arrive at your address.

Secure Parking

Find out how many parking slots the tree lopping crew needs and make sure that you reserve that parking space on the street in case their vehicles will not fit in your yard. It is also wise for you to remove all the cars from the vicinity of the trees which will be affected during the tree maintenance work. Talk to your neighbours in case some of them park their vehicles under those trees. The removal of such cars will reduce the risk that vehicles will hinder or be damaged during the planned work.

Remove Personal Property

You should also check the area around the trees and remove any property which may be damaged during the tree maintenance work. For example, remove all the flower pots and outdoor furniture from the target area. This will allow ample clearance around the work zone and the tree loppers will do their work without wasting time by moving those items out of the way.

Remove Pet Droppings

Do you have some pets, such as dogs? Their droppings can pose several hazards to the tree loppers. For example, the tree experts may slip and fall on a heap of dog poo as the work is progressing. Additionally, those droppings may contaminate the equipment, such as the ropes, which the tree loppers may be using as they work. That contamination can expose the workers to germs. The poo may also compromise the performance of the tree lopping equipment. It is therefore advisable to walk around the yard and pick up any pet droppings before the tree loppers arrive.

Confirm Internet Access

The tree lopping activities may cause disruptions to your cable TV signal and internet access. Talk to the service providers and find out whether anything can be done to keep the access uninterrupted if you need such services while the tree lopping work is going on. Alternatively, you can arrange for the service providers to send a technician over to fix anything damaged as a result of the tree lopping work.

Talk to the tree lopping professionals about the different things which you can do to expedite their work. They will make recommendations based on their vast experience and you will be able to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences once the work begins.