When you think of landscaping, you likely think of the warmer months of the year. The problem is that these plans can leave you without an option for the colder months of the year. This means the kerb appeal you work so hard for can go downhill during the winter and leave you with more work in the spring. With that in mind, you want to find options that work for you during the colder seasons. Here are some benefits of using landscape plant suppliers during colder seasons of the year for your winter kerb appeal.

Local Shrubs

One of the leading options you will have for kerb appeal during the colder months of the year is shrubs. By using landscape plant suppliers, you can access locally grown shrubs. These shrubs are already proven to grow in the cold environment you are in. They can hold up to the weather conditions and give you the look you want throughout the colder months. You can also order bulk amounts of the shrubs rather than just a limited amount that may be available at local nurseries.

Fertiliser Options

If you have been handling your own landscaping projects for several years, then you may already know about your fertiliser options for colder months. You may find that you will need specific fertiliser options for the weather conditions in your area, for your specific ground minerals and for the proper growth of the specific shrubs and plants you buy. These types of fertiliser options are more commonly available through landscape plant suppliers rather than your general nursery suppliers or general gardening stores. 

Growing Supplies

In addition to having the local shrubs, plants and fertilisers you will need for the cold weather, the landscape suppliers will also have growing supplies. These supplies may be pruning supplies that are specific to the cold weather plants, trees and shrubs you have chosen. You may also have special growth tablets or items that are placed in the fertiliser. Your local home and garden store may not carry these, but your landscaping suppliers will in most cases. These growing supplies can make your landscaping project easier from start to finish. 

When you are ready to buy your landscaping supplies, contact your local landscape plant suppliers. They can help you with your order, making sure you have all the items you need, and help with delivery options. They can also give suggestions for other options that may be ideal for your winter landscape projects.