When removing a tree from your property, you need to decide what to do with the stump. You can either have it ripped out from the roots. Or else, you can have the stump ground into sawdust and spread over the same spot. To help you decide which tree removal option is best, here are the pros and cons of both.

Stump Grinding

Grinding requires a particular machine that can break up the stump into sawdust. The stump can be ground to various depths. For example, it could be ground to a few centimetres below earth level, or the process could go deeper into the soil.

An advantage of stump grinding is that the sawdust can be smoothed out on the ground where the tree previously stood, serving as mulch. So you won't need to purchase additional sand and soil to fill in a gaping hole. However, the sawdust should be taken away if it contains diseased elements that can infect other plants.

A disadvantage of stump grinding is that it leaves the tree roots underground. Thus, new shoots and trees can grow and require removal in the future. This may not happen, though, and the roots may eventually disintegrate.

Stump Removal

Another option, stump removal, is a more laborious process. It involves heavy machinery ripping the stump and its roots out of the earth. Root systems can be extensive and can extend under paving and buildings, and they can also grow around underground plumbing pipes and other cables. Thus, the difficulty will depend on the particular tree and root system.

Another challenge relates to the large hole the uprooted tree will leave behind. You'll have to find soil to level out the garden. Plus, you'll have to pay for the transport and disposal of the stump and roots, as well as the other tree parts.

On the plus side, though, you'll not have to deal with trees growing from roots left in the ground. Additionally, the earth will be clear for you to undertake other landscaping. For example, you might want to build a retaining wall that requires concrete footings. Building the wall could be difficult with the roots remaining underground.

Also, bear in mind that access to the stump will influence how tricky and thus expensive it is to remove. The tree may be located in between your house and your neighbour's, with only a compact area to work in. This will increase the challenge of removing the stump, so you might consider grinding it instead.

Contact a local tree removal and stump removal service to learn more about your options.